foundation 3.0 issue with hyperv

  • 4 November 2015
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HI Guyzz,

recently i used foundation 3.0 to image nutanix nodes with hyperv.but imaging got stuck at 82%.then i imaged node using 2.version of foundation.Then i came to see the 3.0.1 release note in which it is mentioned the problem with hyperv imaging is removed in 3.0.1 version

so if you have any base version upgrade to latest version and check the release note before using foundation

hope this will help


3 replies

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Thanks for sharing 
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I use foundation 3.0.4 but still stuck on 82%. What happen? Can you give mu the solutions?Thanks
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I even tried manually installation for phoenix NOS in Hyper V host but it stucked too.
Kindly advise please.
And why Foundation 3.+ stated only support tarball NOS while the we can only down NOS which is in .ISO format.
Need assist urgently.