[Figured Out] sFTP Unable to connect - Access Denied. Using WinSCP & FileZilla

  • 8 March 2019
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I am trying to connect to the /iso/ folder to clean up some of the old versions. I also connected some VMware Datastores that I should probably do some housekeeping as well.

I connect to the cluster primary IP and get access denied. It's the same nutanix username & password I use for SSH which works fine.


I updated firewalls to allow port 2222 (thanks @sandeepmp ) but still getting access denied which makes me think either 1) nutanix and root won't work and/or 2) the folders have different credentials than ssh.


SO after typing all that, I realized I was supposed to use the login administrator to the web nutanix portal (admin). Oh geez. Well, I'll leave this all here in case somebody wants to do a dumb like I just did.

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Hi @srslol2

Good to know that you figured out that you should use the Prism username and password to connect to CVM through port 2222.

You can confirm that information on the following documentation link: