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  • 20 June 2014
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In the Nutanix Bible : http://stevenpoitras.com/the-nutanix-bible/#disk_balancing
Steven explains the feature "disk balancing", and wrote :
"Disk balancing leverages the NDFS Curator framework and is run as a scheduled process as well as when a threshold has been breached (eg. local node capacity utilization > n %)"

what's the percentage of this parameter ? And can i check and/or change this number ?

Thks !


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2 replies

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I think this value depend on the size of your Nutanix cluster.For example I have a NX-3360 (3 nodes) and the Disk Balance Threshold is set to 35% (you can see it on the curator master node status page, http://cvm-ip:2010/master/tierusage), and the "zone of balance", is set at 0 to 9 percent, because I don't have a lot of data in the SATA tier.Like everything in Nutanix, you can surely set this value yourself, but:1) I don't see why you would do such a thing?2) I don't know if Nutanix will support itSylvain.
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It's just for my curiosity Sylvain. ;o) Thanks for your response, i didn't know about the "curator master node status page"
Enjoy ! Sig'