Failed to Reimage and with Foundation 3.3 NOS 4.7.1

  • 5 October 2016
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Hai nutanix team,

I used to reimaging using Foundation 3.0.4 and NOS 4.5.2 with hypervisor 20150921 and running well, no problem faced
but I try to using Foundation 3.3, NOS 4.7.1 with Hypervisor host-bundle-el6.nutanix.20160601.6.tar
I got problem when reimaging process, 26 % Status failed and I tried again, 60% failed tried again until Reimaging Done 100%.
is it impact for the Software/System/Peformance get Failed then try again until success ?

fyi, I use NX1065 with 3 Node,
each node has 1x480Gb SSD, 2x1Tb HDD


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2 replies

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Foundation support is provided through our support organization. Please file a support ticket.

If you are a NX or SX customer, you can file the ticket on

If you are a XC or HX customer, you can file the ticket with your respective OEM and they can get us engaged.
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I found no problem appear even reimaging done with several retry on Foundation
Have you run NCC after cluster creation success ?
Also please refer to before Foundationing your box