Evict VMware ESX node, rebuild with AOS for AHV

  • 14 March 2024
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I’m new to Nutanix.  I’m trying to evict a Vmware ESX node from a cluster to rebuild it with AOS and join to our AHV cluster.  Is there a good document on how to evict the node?

I found this document that essentially says

  1. Select the Infrastructure application from Application Switcher Function, and navigate to Hardware > Hosts .

    The system displays the List tab by default with all the hosts across registered clusters.

  2. Select the target host checkbox, and choose Remove Host from the Actions dropdown menu.

Prism pc.2023.4 - Prerequisites for Removing a Node through Prism Central (

The options I have in the drop down are manage Categories and Run Playbook.  There is no remove host option.

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You need to do ik in prism element. Dont forget to release the license first before removing the node from the cluster.