Error Upgrade Host Firmware In AHV

  • 9 April 2022
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Operation failed. Reason: Update of failed on (environment phoenix) at stage 1 with error: [Failed to update firmware. Error: Failed to upgrade 3IE3. Information: [cmd: ./mp_64 -d /dev/sdg -c 1 -u -k -r -X 3 -Y 3 -v 0 dir_name: S740305N cwd: /home/nutanix/tmp/lcm_staging/S740305N ldir: ['SYS_S.bin', 'sram.bin', 'mp_64', 'mp_32', 'JMMPTOOL.ini', 'flash.ini'] x: [True, True, True, True, True, True]], Output: [ ************************************************************ * Innodisk MPTool V3.1.0 2020/03/04 * ************************************************************ Model Name : SATADOM-SL 3IE3 V2 Serial Num : B0021805110110184 FW Version : S671115N 1. TH58TFT0DDLBA8H Flash : TH58TFT0DDLBA8H Write code ....... [libjmmp.c][write_code():#2171] erase_flash fail ch : 0 blk : 2 [1;31mFail !! [m[1;31mUpgrade Fail !! [m], Error: [], return code: [4]] Logs have been collected and are available to download on at /home/nutanix/data/log_collector/lcm_logs__172.16.31.103__2022-04-08_21-54-31.852290.tar.gz



All hosts have updated, only this one is giving problem.


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Hi @Emerson R. Almeida ,

Please see KB-12084 which may address the Stage 1 failure you’ve described. If this is the case, you might be interested in trying a manual update of the firmware by using KB-6937.

It’s also possible the SATADOM itself is failing and may need to be replaced, so I encourage you to open a case directly with support if the other options do not resolve the issue.

Please let me know if any of the proposed solutions are successful and how I may further assist.