Error saving user roles

  • 21 June 2021
  • 2 replies

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I tried to create a user with the backup role and get an error “Error saving user roles. The specified role name ROLE_BACKUP_ADMIN is invalid.”

New installed cluster: 3nodes Xeon/128GB/2x1TB SSD/240GB SSD

Help me, pls!


2 replies

connect ssh

useradd backupadmin 

usermod -a -G coredump root

try that i wafting u feedback 

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@miranon What is the AOS version in your installed cluster? The role ‘ROLE_BACKUP_ADMIN’ is available only for newer AOS releases (5.19.15 /5.20.x) and is not available before that. Hence, I am curious to know which AOS version you are on currently.