Encrypt VM and Data-At-Rest using ESXi Nutanix

  • 21 March 2019
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As per title i am wondering about encryption when we are using ESXi hosts and Nutanix together.
We would like to encrypt the VM's and maybe Data-At-Rest encryption.

  • We have currently 3 nodes in a block with 3 ESXi hosts and i wonder what the best practice is about encryption?
  • Is it possible to encrypt the data both via Nutanix and vmwar software/KMS?
  • Is it possible to encrypt only the VM's via VMware encpryption method and use the KMS directly via VMware or should i use the prism management?
  • Does it matter in a Nutanix way if you choose to set up the KMS and encrypt the Data from the vSphere instead of doing it in the Prism mangement?
Thank you in advance.

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From what I understand (please correct me if I’m wrong) you are looking to configure VMware VM encryption with KMS?

Nutanix does not recommend leveraging third-party software level data encryption. You could always go with Nutanix Data-At-Rest encryption. For improved security, you could add self-encrypted drives.