Enabling Load balancing of vdisks in a volume Group

  • 12 April 2021
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AHV host supports load balancing of vDisks in a volume group for Guest VMs. Load Balancing of vDisks in a volume group enables IO-intensive VMs to use the storage capabilities of multiple CVMs


If you enable load balancing on a volume group, the guest VM communicates directly with each CVM hosting a vDisk. Each vDisk is served by a single CVM. Therefore, to use the storage capabilities of multiple CVMs, create more than one vDisk for a file System and use the OS-level striped volumes to spread the workload. This configuration improves and prevents storage bottlenecks.


vDisk load balancing is disabled by default for volume groups that are directly attached to the VMs. You can attach a maximum of 10 load balanced volume groups per guest VM. For Linux VMs, ensure that the SCSI device timeout is 60 seconds. 



  1. SSH into the CVM as a nutanix user

  2. Do one of the following

    1. Enable vDisk load balancing if you are creating a volume group

acli vg.create vg_name load_balance_vm_attachments=true

  1. Enable vdisk load balancing if you are updating a existing volume group

acli vg.update vg_name load_balance_vm_attachments=true

  1. Replace vg_name with the name of volume group


  1. Verify if vdisk load balancing is enabled

acli vg.get vg_name

  1. Disable vdisk load balancing

acli vg.update vg_name load_balance_vm_attachments=false



For more information, please refer to Enabling load balancing for vdisks


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