Enabling and Accessing Calm

  • 7 October 2021
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Calm is integrated into Prism Central and does not require you to deploy any additional VMs. To start using Calm, you just have to enable Calm from Prism Central. 


Please ensure, you have met the prerequisites to enable Calm.


If the Prism web console is not registered from a Prism Central and the application blueprints have subnet, image or VMs on the Prism web console, the Calm functionality is impacted.




  1. Log on to Prism Central with your local ADMIN account. For detailed information on how to install and login to Prism Central, see the Prism Central Guide.

  2. From the Prism Central UI, click Services ->Calm

  3. Click Enable

Note that the Enable option appears only if you have logged on to the Prism Central with the local ADMIN account.


When Calm is enabled, an extra 8 GiB RAM for large Prism Central and 4 GiB for small Prism Central is allocated automatically to maintain the performance of the infrastructure.


  1. To access Calm, click Services → Calm from the entities menu.


Checking Calm Version:


You can check the version of your Calm instance from the Calm user interface.



  1. From the Prism Central entities menu, click Services → Calm.

  2. Click the ? icon on the bottom-left corner.

The About Nutanix Calm page appears displaying the version number of Calm.



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