Enable Foundation Service In CVM

Hello there

I am new for nutanix.

I want to enable foundation service in a cvm. That cvm is not in any cluster.

How can i do that?


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Thank the answer.

I use the foundation and i installed cmv’s.

Thanks again.

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Please consider the following

  1. NX nodes shipped within USA are preinstalled with AHV and CVM.
  2. NX nodes shipped outside are preinstalled with DiscoveryOS.
  3. OEM nodes will be shipped as per CTO (Configured To Order), so will have a image with ordered hypervisor and on boot will initiate and configure hypervisor and CVM.

Now based on the above scenarios you can use different methods to foundation the cluster.

I have a blog in writing detailing the ways based on scenarios, which i will reference later stage, meanwhile let me know your case will guide you accordingly.



I understood!!


I’ve never deploy a cluster in this way :(


But, I found some links:

Foundation | Nutanix Community

Foundation Central Guide | Nutanix Community


Maybe this is can help you


Thanks for your answer.

Actually, i want to understand that. I can’t use foundation vm. How can i enable foundation service in any cvm? That cvm is not in any nutanix cluster.




Just to confirm my understanding:


Do you a have a new Nutanix equipaments and you to deploy this environment?


For the deploy with foundation, you can use this link: Foundation 4.6.x - Node Configuration and Foundation Launch (