Earlier AOS and Foundation versions, where can I find them?

  • 20 July 2020
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I need an older version of Foundation and AOS. Where can I find them?

I can only find the latest version to download.

I need ,

Nutanix Acropolis Operating System (AOS) 5.5.8
Nutanix Foundation 4.3.2
Nutanix AHV 20170830.185


Thank you.


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They are not available for public download as we encourage everyone to use the latest versions. If you need them for some compliance or change management reasons, you can open a case and a support engineer will give you a temporary link for download.

Btw, please note that AOS 5.5.X will become unsupported in September 2020, which is a bit more than 1 month from now.


Sergei thanks for your fast reply. Please tell me, can I open the case as Nutanix partner to get that download link without the serial number?

I am trying to install on some older servers and I need that specific version of Foundation.


Can I send the mail request to ?


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That’s not possible to open a case without a S/N. What is the server model that you are going to use? Maybe i can check if there is a newer version of Foundation that can be downloaded that supports that model.


Server is Huawei 2288H V5 25 SFF.

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Well, the Huawei servers are not in the list of our supported hardware, so you will likely be on your own if there are any issues with it. I haven’t seen any limitations in the newer Foundation versions. Have you tried using the latest Foundation? Is it failing with it?