Earlier AOS and Foundation versions, where can I find them?

  • 20 July 2020
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  I need older version of Foundation and AOS. Where can I find them?

I can only find latest version to download.

I need ,

Nutanix Acropolis Operating System (AOS) 5.5.8
Nutanix Foundation 4.3.2
Nutanix AHV 20170830.185


Thank you.

9 replies

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They are not available for public download as we encourage everyone to use the latest versions. If you need them for some compliance or change management reasons, you can open a case and a support engineer will give you a temporary link for download.

Btw, please note that AOS 5.5.X will become unsupported in September 2020, which is a bit more than 1 month from now.


Sergei thanks for your fast reply. Please tell me, can I open the case as Nutanix partner to get that download link without the serial number?

I am trying to install on some older servers and I need that specific version of Foundation.


Can I send the mail request to ?


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That’s not possible to open a case without a S/N. What is the server model that you are going to use? Maybe i can check if there is a newer version of Foundation that can be downloaded that supports that model.


Server is Huawei 2288H V5 25 SFF.

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Well, the Huawei servers are not in the list of our supported hardware, so you will likely be on your own if there are any issues with it. I haven’t seen any limitations in the newer Foundation versions. Have you tried using the latest Foundation? Is it failing with it?


I tried the latest version of Foundation...everything goes well, Foundation find server thought iBMC. Phoenix installs but then I got an error that there is no boot device. I configured m.2 SSD as RAID1. Legacy boot. 


The final error in the log is: Unable to find SSD in node.

Installation stops. 


The server is supported in the earlier Nutanix matrix. 


Maybe I missed some configuration settings ?

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Could be that the SSD is not in the compatibility list. What is the SSD model that you use there? You can get that by running “lsscsi” command from phoenix.


Raid card is Avago 3004 and disks are m.2 SSD Sata 240 GB . They are in the Nutanix compatibility matrix from April 2019.


Maybe there is some catch that I need to configure on the server or the Raid controller?

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As part of SSD Compatibility , You will have to identify the manufacture of your SSD(ex: Western Digit or Samsung or Intel) ,

M.2  is a form factor not the make and model of SSD , this M.2 is used to deploy your hypervisor not to place guest vDisk, so pls get the Guest VM storage SSD make and model to compare the compatibility