Disable HA for a single VM - AHV

  • 29 October 2019
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High-Availability(HA) is a life-saver feature which minimises downtime and can save the production environment. 

What exactly is HA in AHV? 

AHV VM High Availability (HA) is a feature built to ensure VM availability in the event of a host or block outage. In the event of a host failure, the VMs previously running on that host will be restarted on other healthy nodes throughout the cluster. 

Want to know more about AHV HA?

Give the following KB article a read!


So, do we ever want to disable HA for few VMs?

Yes, there could be situations and architecture constraints which might make us disable HA for a few critical VMs.

The reason, you ask? (*voice of Yoda*)

One possible situation could be licencing constraints of few application workloads which are tied to host CPU. 

So what happens when you disable AHV HA for a particular VM? 

In case of a node failure, the VM will not be migrated and started on another Node. 

How can we achieve this? 

Read more about disabling HA and Agent-VM options at the following KB:

Nutanix KB :

AHV | How to disable HA for particular VM

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