Disable alert for specific non-mounted storage container or find workaround

  • 20 July 2022
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ESXi 7 as our Hypervisor.  Most workloads are windows and we host a number of failover guest clusters that use volume groups.

We prefer not to mount the containers that are used specifically for our volume group disks as all they contain is the disks for our guest clusters. 

We don’t really want people accidentally deploying a VM to these Datastores or anything else if they were presented to ESXi.


Is there a way to disable this alert for specific containers?  I’m assuming the answer is no here (needs to be more granular).

If not, then has anyone got any recommendations on the best way to prevent these Datastores from being written to if we just present them to ESXi i.e make them read-only inside ESXi somehow?  



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