DIMM number and slot installation order

  • 29 July 2016
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Hi folks,
Do you guys have ever think about the question. I read some guides and confused now.
1) node memory number:
It seems every type of node has different supported memory number configuration: For NX-1064-G4, It shows only support 16x dimm ! What happens if I install any number, i.g 1, 2, 3,4,5,6 or any number

2) node memory installed slot location:
It also says there`s an fixed slot order for different number dimm scenario. what happens if I install dimm not according to the guide ?

3) memory type:
LR or R DIMM it also says there`s two type dimm, How to confirm which type is supported by specific type of node ? P.S my environment I have a node NX-1065-G4 with default 64g(4x16g installed in 1a,1b,1e,1f) and now I add two additional 16g dimm into slot 1g,1h. It work fine till now. but my memory number confuration is not supported by the guide ! the guide says NX-1065-G4 only support full slot (16x) dimm configuration ! so the guide has no tips about the slot order too while number is 4x or 6x.


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9 replies

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DIMM's come installed for the factory.

When clients want to add DIMM's, and have them be supported, they purchase them as extra parts from us (the SKU's always begin the letter "X-"), and We will advice clients on installation methods as part of that transaction.

That said, when it doubt, submit a support ticket. If we've got a documentation issue, please point it out in a support ticket and we'll work to correct it, and get you the information you'll need in the interim while the document is being corrected.
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Hello ,
I uploaded the snapshot just now. I`m confused with the guide and there may be some typo in guide too.

My scenario is client plan to migrate some dimm from other NX-1065-G4 (owned by himself too) to the NX-1065-G4. now the 1065 has 6 dimm total, and I just want to ensure if 6x dimm confuration is supported by model 1065-g4,if yes,which slot is recommended.
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I cc'd  who is on our documentation team, he can help confirm
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Hi - I'm asking your questions to our hardware team. In general, our hardware admin and reference guide lists the system specifications for our NX platforms.

In the meanwhile, it appears you are looking at an AOS 4.5 guide. I think our 4.7 guides are more straightforward for the NX-1065-G4:

NX-1065-G4 system specifications

Supported Memory Configuration for G4 / G5 platforms

I am not an expert in this area, so please excuse any delay.
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Hello bcacciola,
I`m looking at AOS 4.6 guide. If there`s some detail info from hardware team,pls let me know.
Thank you !
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Look at the 4.7 guides instead.
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Thank you for your patience in this matter. Thanks to your attention to detail, we will be updating our memory configuration documentation very soon.

Further good news is that our hardware team says your 6x DIMM configuration is supported. I quote:

"Since we support unbalanced DIMM configuration [mixing different DIMM types], and balance between CPU0 and CPU1, the 6 DIMM configuration should be slot A1, B1, C1, E1, F1, G1."

This also probably explains why your previously "unsupported" configuration with the 6 DIMMs worked!
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looking forward to new mem guide release.