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  • 2 December 2014
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Good afternoon,
Can someone please sanity check something for me, one of the BEarena team is running a diagnostics test which is taking 7-8 minutes to deploy each diagnostics VM.
What is considered to be a normal amount of time?
At this rate the 8 node cluster will take over 1 hour to run diagnostics.

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4 replies

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Check this article. It might be helpful to you.

Hope it helps.
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Doesn't seem to be loading?!
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I assume, from the day the op was created, that the diagnostics have run and finished...
However, for future reference, the KB linked above recommends:

1) The first one is to verify that ESX is configured correctly to look up against the correct DNS server. 2) If resolution 1 is not possible, you can edit ssh_config file on the hypervisor to include the following line at the bottom: useDNS no
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That is exactly the issue we saw.

We'll be building this into our install process.

Thanks for the confirmation team.