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  • 30 December 2020
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I deploy a 3 nodes cluster with ESXi 7.0 as the hypervisor successfully on AOS 5.15.3.

But when I run the to check the  cluster performance. It always failed to boot the diagnostic VM. I tried 3 times and all is same. from the log, seems the CVM cannot reache the diagnostic VM when check the boot status.

I login to vCenter and check that there is no IP address for this VM in the summary page. And I can login the diagnostic VM from the VM console, I can check the ip address which is, but I cannot ping and also cannot ping from CVM.

From this information, I think the CVM cannot reache the diagnostic VM and timeout, so the will fail after timeout.


Is there any idear for this test? I can run thie script successfully in ESXi 6.7.


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Hi chenzh4,


We recommend using XRay instead of script to our customers. The script is deprecated hence why it works on a later ESXi but not on the recent one – was not validated.

X-Ray is an automated testing framework and benchmarking application for enterprise-grade datacenters. The X-Ray application is a downloadable virtual machine (VM) with a user interface and complete documentation. Once installed, X-Ray can test and analyze several different systems and report comparable information for your use.


To help with XRay here is X-Ray Guide 3.10 and XRay download file.

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Got it. Thanks for your information.