device ownership change and licensing

  • 20 July 2023
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I have a situation where my production cluster is a lease with $1 buyout from a service provider who is license the cluster and the term is up this fall.  We have AOS and Frame license as a service and provided by the them.


In planning to take over ownership, I am needing to continue the license on this cluster and the Frame license.  I am having a hard time finding instructions from any of the current Nutanix Sales team because the current hardware is still under the leasing contract and it seems like we cannot get a quote/plan to apply a new license on this cluster.   We are always directed to purchase a new cluster with new licensing. 


We are force to look a new cluster so our team is now open to new technology outside Nutanix.  The easy answer seems to elude.  Does anyone have any direction contact or advise to try to get the inventory ownership transferred and get new license applied without effecting Frames on the AHV cluster?


I cannot I have emails going back since last year trying to find a map to navigate with the Nutanix sales teams to try to get license planned order/purchase so that it is applied either before/during the transition.


Please help to save time.  otherwise we are now on a test with Horizon in place of Frames which is a change in process internally IT as well.


Thank you for any suggestions.




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