Dell XC740xd Drive Placement

  • 9 January 2020
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Can someone confirm the drive placement for SSD and the SATA drives in our Dell XC740xd servers?   On one cluster of servers, there are four SSD drives in bays 0-3 and in the other two clusters the SSDs are in the last four bays.    I have only seen the SSD drives in the first four drive bays.

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2 replies

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Hello @tgray 
If we’re talking about SSD drives I would expect them to be in the first slots, but reviewing Dells documentation I do see that NVMe drives would show up in the last 4. Are you seeing NVMe drives in the last 4 slots? 
At that doc link I’m specifically looking at “Table 20. Supported hard drive options for the XC740xd Series Hyper-converged Appliances” in the third layout option. 

Thanks for taking a look Jeremy.   We don’t have any NVMe drives, so we aren’t using those slots. I didn’t have time to test installing the servers with the SSD drives in 16-19, so I moved them to slot 0-3 and  HDD drives into 16-19.   The installs eventually worked (thanks to the 10G NIC issue with Foundation).    I’m going to stick with moving the SSDs into the first drive slots from now on.

Thank you.