Default json file cluster id?

  • 11 May 2015
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Hi Team ,

I would like to know what is the default cluster id on a new nutanix node in the config json file.
I have edit my json file and unable to create cluster where failed genesis error.
I would like to know the default phrase?
example : {"rackable_unit_serial": "14SM15290032", "node_uuid": "f771faf1-5cc4-4653-961f-cad2fa96a15f", "node_serial": "ZM144S054999", "node_position": "A", "cluster_id":"15311", "rackable_unit_model": "NX-1050"}

What cluster id i should use? tried delete it but still cant create cluster.

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4 replies

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Did you edited the factory_config.json file on all the nodes ?
If not, you can refer to any other node in the cluster and check its factory_config.json file.

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If the cluster is up & running (if there are enough healthy CVMs), run the command:
ncli cluster info
It will return the cluster ID, i.e:

ncli cluster info
Cluster ID : 1212

On a 4.x cluster:
ncli cluster info Cluster ID : 0005119d-9bc8-5117-0000-000000000272::626
In this case the number after the "::" is your cluster ID

If the cluster is not running, check the other CVM's factory config file, the lower cluster ID is the one to use.
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Nope , i just edited my factory config json file and causing genesis error.
I forget what is my default cluster id on the file.
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If I understand correctly, you are adding a new node to an existing cluster?
Has the node being imaged with the same hypervisor?
What about NOS version?

What error is returned when you try to add the node?