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  • 2 December 2019
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If you ever need to present storage to your Guest OS directly via ISCSI here is some useful information for you.

To provide access to cluster storage, Volumes utilizes an iSCSI data services IP address to clients for target discovery which simplifies external iSCSI configuration on clients. This iSCSI data services IP address acts as an iSCSI target discovery portal and initial connection point.

Nutanix does not recommend configuring iSCSI client sessions to connect directly to Controller VM IP addresses. The data services address is owned by one Controller VM at a time. If the owner Controller VM becomes unavailable, the address moves to another Controller VM, ensuring that it is always available.

This IP address is also used as a cluster-wide address by clients configured as part of Nutanix Files and other products. This IP address:

  • Should be in the same subnet as the cluster Controller VM IP eth0 network interface addresses
  • Helps load balance storage requests
  • Enables path optimization in the cluster, preventing bottlenecks
  • Eliminates the need for configuring a multipathing service such as Microsoft multipath I/O (MPIO)

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5 replies


The 2 last link are not available...

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Thank you, I updated the URLs.


I set the Data Services IP (it was blank) earlier this morning, around 9AM but I have yet to be able to get to it in any way. My 2 SQL boxes each say connection failure when attempting to connect to it. I thought it may be a DNS issue but I’ve flushed it on both machines and restarted one to be sure. I still cant ping it from any device though, so it still may be a DNS issue. Unsure.


IP Examples:

DataServices IP:




Any ideas?

The two last links does not work again.

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Hi @Liberus That’s probably because the information was moved into a standalone Nutanix Volumes Guide. Take a look!