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  • 15 September 2016
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We are moving from a traditional model with shared storage to Nutanix converged Infra, I want the options for VM migration.I want a best solution, without downtime to migrate my VMs:Our current traditional is:-4 node cluster (2 clusters)-FC storage array-ESXi version 5.5-vCenter 5.5-10Gbps network-vDS - Distributed Switch

Our new Nutanix model is:-4 node Nutanix cluster (2 clusters)-NFS local storage-ESXi version 6.0-vCenter 6.0-10Gbps network-NSX

Thanks for the suggestions....

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4 replies

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Please refer to below mentioned community discussions about the same topic.

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Hi Donnie, Thanks for the reply.
I my case the legacy esxi's networking is on vDS (Distributed Switch).
=> I cannot add them to new nutanix cluster??
=>And my new Nutanix cluster has NSX implemented???
=>I cannot power off any VMs, as my downtime is zero. I need to perfrom the live migrations of all the work-load without downtime??

So, i want an approach without downtime to migrate the VMs???

can you or any1 suggest on this???

Thanks, Rajendra
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This is a pretty complex migration, but its possible to do without down time, and we've done extremly similar ones here at Nutanix in the past.

Well, first things first, you need to have them in the same vCenter to do no-downtime vMotions

To be able to pull in the 5.5 hosts into the 6.0 vCenter, you'll need to migrate your vDS networking to regular standard switches

Once you do that, you'll have to set up at least one host on the 6.0 side with at least one uplink on a standard switch with the same labels.

Then you should be able to do a shared nothing vMotion from 5.5 to 6.0 and move all the workloads in non-disruptively.

Afterwards, change the network labels over to their NSX counterparts

Once thats all done, fix up that standard switch back to a redundant state with NSX.
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Also, its worth saying that the complex parts are merging the vCenters, and doings all of the virtual networking changes. Very easy to make a typo and have issues.

The data migration and nutanix pieces are the easy parts.

If you'd like, we can work up a separate PS scope to help you through this as part of the implementation, at least to get you going with the migration. Food for thought.