Data-At-Rest-encryption | Configuring and Verification

  • 22 December 2019
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Security and encryption are backbone of an IT infrastructure. Many organisation have made it a compliance to encrypt data and keep the data on-prem.

Nutanix also provides industry standard security features.

One of them being :

Nutanix provides an option to secure data while it is at rest using either self-encrypted drives or software-only encryption and key-based access management (cluster's native or external KMS for software-only encryption).

Want to more about D-A-R-E and it’s features?

Go through the following guide

D-A-R-E guide 


During various compliance auditing and administrator task, we need to verify if D-A-R-E is enabled and successfully working or we need to configure D-A-R-E

How can we safely accomplish that?
We have different methods using which you can verify that D-A-R-E is enabled or not . You can use these methods to automate the process of verification or configuration.

Go through the following KB to know about the various methods with commands and examples.

KB- 7846

Have a doubt regarding D-A-R-E or security in Nutanix?
Drop a comment and let’s have a discussion. 

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Hi Hitesh,

We are planning to deploy DARE in our environment. I had a few queries about on it.

Could you please clarify on it?

  1. Does support Inline Encryption?
  2. Where can I find Encryption logs?
  3. How to confirm data is encrypted?
  4. Can we able to monitor encryption? 
  5. CVM sizing for encryption.