CVM with several network adapters

  • 13 September 2016
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We would like to validate some design aspects. Our environment is based on DELL XC630 & XC730, Nutanix 4.6.4 ( in the future 4.7) and EXi 6.0 u2.
As for administration perspective, we need to affect an administration subnet IP to the IPMI interface.
The CVM needs to be in a production subnet.
There is no routing from production to administration subnet.

Is it possible to deploy 2 network cards on the CVM for the CVM to communicate with IPMI interfaces ? Is that a validated and supported design by Nutanix.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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4 replies

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Hi Jean,

As far as I know, we communicate with IPMI through hypervisor which doesn't need network connecitivity with the IPMI.

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You can connect the CVM to multiple networks if required. This KB article has detailed instructions: (KB 2127)
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Thanks for the KB.

Just to be sure, I found this document that lists all network ports to be opened to let work optimally Nutanix / vSphere infrastructure:

Is it exact and exhaustive (especially for the CVM => IPMI on TCP/22,443)?
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With one caveat for new versions of Foundation: Foundation can actually run from the Nutanix CVM now, so you can think of the Foundation in that diagram as another component included inside the CVM. That would increase the ports between CVM and IPMI during node imaging.

I can't say for sure if that list is exhaustive as new features are added constantly. My general approach there is to allow all traffic between hosts, CVMs, and IPMI internally if possible.