CVM to host connectivity failed

  • 9 June 2015
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I have 3 DELL XC630-10 nodes in one cluster. Nutanix web console shows one CVM to host connectivity is failed. the other two is ok. I login this CVM, can't ping ESXi host internal Switch IP(, but can ssh login ESXi host via
Admin console show "Stargate on Controller VM is down for ###### seconds " alert. use cluster status command , all service within in CVM is up´╝îinclude CVM, Would you help me to resolve it . thanks!

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3 replies

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please refer to this link for stargate check
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Did you ever get a resolution?
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When stargate service is down on the CVM, autopath is kicked in and node on which CVM stargate is down, host will direct all requests to other CVM in the network as route is changed for that node.

At that time, you will not be able to ping the host from the CVM on IP.

Once your CVM stargate service is back, autopath will stop and route will set to default.

We need to find out the reason why stargate is crashing on the CVM. I would suggest to open case with Dell and if they assistance from Nutanix support, they can contact nutanix support.

Hope it helps.