CVM rebuild NX-1065-G5

  • 22 December 2023
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I Hope finding some help here, I have a now freshly outdated 3 nodes NX-1065-G5 on AOS 6.5.2 LTS with Starter License, recently a SSD crashed on a node and CVM failed.

My nutanix portal is now closed, and documentation access is restricted...

Cluster is in production with now no resiliency,

I manage to find a new accepted SSD and start the phoenix repair process to rebuild the CVM.

CVM started now successfully, wrong management IP after phoenir repair, so I set it up in /etc/sysconfig/ifcfg-eth0 OK, now I can ping it, BUT CVM didn’t rejoin the cluster.

What can I do to make my CVM fully operationnal and getting again resiliency ?


Thanks you,

A desesperate IT guy.





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3 replies

update :

after genesis.out check => fix_host_ssh new root password for esx host OK, now I’m stuck at the next step : "Could not find node_uuid xxxxxxxx or node_serial ZMxxxxxxx in ZeusConfiguration"

next try /home/nutanix/.node_unconfigure

solution : boot_disk_replace -i --hypervisor_password="XXXXXX"  on a running CVM