CVM network sementation and vSphere distributed switches

  • 3 March 2019
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According to the documentation, Backplane traffic segmentation is not supported in a configuration for "ESXi clusters in which the CVM is connected to a VMware distributed virtual switch" .
What I'd like to understand is whether this is related to technical reasons, or it is just a configuration limitation of the CVM installer/Prism management?

So far I counldn't find a comprehensive guide/document about setting up a Nutanix cluster with vSphere distributed switches, and nodes with 2x10gbps each. It doesn't seem to make sense to me to set this up with standard swtches (i.e. no Network I/O control) where all traffic (VM, storage, vMotion, ...) use the same physical uplinks.

1 reply

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Hello @a.p. 
Sorry for the late reply. 

This post might point you in the right direction regarding vSphere Distributed switch configuration in NX environment.