CVM is not working

  • 17 August 2020
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Hello all,

I have managed to configure the 3 node cluster with AHV and all of the were working at first but after 2 days one cvm has been down can’t communicate with others.i have tryied to fix it but i couldn’t.both the AHV and host ip does reply for ping but the CVM dosen’t.i have run the NCC and got the log but it only says there is a duplicate ip but when i check for duplicate ip there is no duplicate ip in the configuaration. i have attached the NCC report incase you want to see it. Any help will be greatly appretiated.


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I cant find NCC logs, Can you pls copy and paste particular error msg?

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Using the OvS internal network can you land on the CVM?

Login to the HV with root, ssh with nutanix into the CVM using the internal network, and see if you can poke around there (try running a ‘cluster status’ and whatnot from there).

To traverse from HV-to-CVM use “ssh nutanix@”…

Let us know how you make out.

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We have also experienced the ‘phantom’ duplicate ip message(s). 

Still trying to track it (AHV v5.10.x)...

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ok, all I couldn't track and solve the problem so since my nodes are pretty fresh and had no data on them I choose to reimage them(foundation) and now everything is well and perfect.

thank you all for your help tho.

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Excellent :o)

Enjoy your Cluster!