CVM is not uplinked to any 10Gbps

  • 9 July 2021
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We have a lab setup with 3 Nutanix nodes in one cluster with model NX-1175S-G6, this Servers have a 2x10GbE ports on each and we have a network switch which is unfortunately Gigabit Ethernet switch DGS-1210-52MP (does not have any 10 GbE switch available right now) for our lab setup.  and I want to bridge successfully an active-active bond and LAG,LACP will be enabled and configured on the switch . and I want to make sure the speed is negotiated and to able to work with 1 GbE. Also has a need a no more massage  from ncc check “CVM is not uplinked to any 10Gbps nics on bridge/vSwitch br0”. So any expert advice will be taken seriously. Thanns in advance for your suggestions.


0 replies

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