Customized Prism Central name on browser tab

  • 18 August 2020
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Hi guys,


a non technical question about a customization option that I can’t find anywhere.


I have two Prism Central used for Synchronous replication. To Identify them at first sight I have customized title and colors of the login page. It was a bit disappointing to not find the customized name on the browser tab or at least on the menu bar title. Even after editing the cluster params to give a name to the PC cluster (only one VM as for now) the name stick on “Prism Central” on the tab and “Prism” on the menu bar.

Considering I’m working on a Synchronous replication and that all the objects involved have the same name (Protection Policies, Recovery plans, categories), sometimes i found myself working on the wrong Prism Central. It would be easier to have the PC name always visibile.


Any idea?


Thanks in advance



Tab and menu bar title


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4 replies

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Hi il_gianK’,


currently, it is not possible to change that. Only the login screen name and colours can be changed. I’ll check with our Engineering team if we can add such feature for the future versions.

Thanks Sergei,

it would be much appreciated!

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Hi il_gianK’


You can also request an enhancement on the Support Portal.


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I’ve already filed an internal ticket for improvement :)