Customer is using combination of VMware Essentials and View Licenses in existing environment

  • 1 April 2016
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Customer has two small VMware environments, each with only 2 Dell servers.

First environment is running roughly 15-17 VMs for things like Active Directly, SQL Server and apps under VMware Essentials License which provides upto 3x dual socket servers.

Second environment is running virtual approximately 30 virtual desktops under VMware View licenses for 30 seats. This license doesn't restrict how many sockets, just 30 active desktops.

Since this is such a small environment, even with a conservative sizing, it can easily fit on a single cluster. The main issue is licensing.

Now for the question - Is it possible to mix licenses on a Nutanix cluster with some nodes licensed VMware Essentials and some nodes licensed under VMware View?

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Yes, you can have 1 Nutanix cluster and multiple vSphere clusters with different licensing. There is a ROBO promotion on as well.