CRITICAL svm_rescue:657 No suitable SVM boot disk found

  • 18 September 2021
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Foundation 4.6.2  Stuck with this error,Please help.  SSD Model:SSDSC2KB960G801

2 replies

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Hi Cedirczhang


The rescue process is expecting the SSD to not have a partition. (ie, no /dev/sda1)


This tends to occur due to a partition existing on the SSD from the factory. Check if the SSD exists by running "lsscsi". If the SSD is not showing, please open a case with support for further investigation


If the SSD does show from "lsscsi" then:

  • Then check the partitions which exist "ls /dev/sd*"

Also,  In case the wrong model of SSD was installed as boot drive, Phoenix doesn't detect the SSD as boot drive and fails with the similar symptom.


Hope this helps



Yes, it must be the wrong SSD。Samsung PM883 was used instead of SM863