Create Windows Installation ISO with Built-In VirtIO Drivers

  • 4 December 2020
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Typically, while deploying a new Windows VM on AHV, the VirtIO driver ISO needs to be mounted to allow the Windows Setup to discover the associated vDisk. Therefore, for each VM that needs to be created, 2 ISOs need to be mounted (the Windows installation ISO and VirtIO ISO).

In order to simplify and expedite the deployment process, the VirIO drivers can be injected into the Windows installation ISO to create a single customized ISO.

The prerequisites for this process are the following tools/files:

  • PowerShell
  • Windows ADK (Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment)
  • Windows installation ISO
  • Nutanix VirtIO driver package (It is recommended to use the latest version which can be downloaded from Support Portal)
  • Administrative privileges on your Windows workstation.

For detailed steps and screenshots regarding this process, please review KB 10290 in the Nutanix Support Portal.

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