Cost Vs Performance 10Gb BaseT vs 4@ 1Gb BaseT

  • 17 February 2019
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I'm planning a 3 node Lenovo 2320-E node. The most it will ever grow, is to a 4 node.

Each node has a 4 x 1/10Gb BaseT network card (IMM/IPMI) connection is separate.

The max number of VM's will probably never exceed 16 (Windows 2008R2/Windows 2016 )

The priority of importance in this case is:
  1. Reliability
  2. Lowest Cost
  3. Performance
Network Config Option 1 (1 switch 1 GB ports only):
  1. Purchase 1 switch with dual hot-swap power supplies. (Not to jinx myself, but switches have a low fail rate)
  2. Setup each node as balance-slb, with 4 x 1Gb BaseT
Network Config Option 2 (2 switches 1GB ports only)
  1. Purchase 2 switches, each with a single power supply
  2. Setup each node as balance-slb, with 4 x 1Gb BaseT
Network Config Option 3 (1 switch with both 1 & 10Gb BaseT)
  1. Purchase a switch that supports mixed 1 & 10Gb BaseT ports
  2. Setup each node as balance-slb and use 2 x 10Gb (of the 4 ports)
My understanding of balance-slb is I will have 4Gb of throughput (4 x 1GB) as opposed to 20Gb (2 x 10GB).

I'm thinking that based on the fact this cluster will never exceed 4 nodes, the client would be better served if I got 2 @ 1 Gb BaseT switches (each with a single power supply) - Network Config Option 2



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Hello @CTI 

Were you able to finalise the Network Infrastructure configuration?

Here’s a public document specifying the best networking practises on AHV with examples and scenarios. 

This might help you and others who want to explore all the options, weigh in all the pros and cons before making a decision. 

AHV Networking Best Practices