Converting to AHV without DRS

  • 23 September 2020
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Hi all,

We recently purchased a new G7 and during this new install we converted all of our VMs to AHV using Move and we are successfully running on AOS/AHV. 

Working great.

We now would like to convert our old 1050 with ESX/vCenter to AHV although we are hitting the DRS roadblock.

We do not have a DRS license to enable this feature.

We have also tried a “Trial License” and this doesn’t appear to be the best route (upgrading all kinds of vmware items just to get a “trial license enabled DRS “just to convert to AHV)

My question is, now that our old cluster is decommissioned (All VMs are now on the new cluster), what would be my best approach at converting this old cluster to AHV and not having the “Convert Cluster” option hanging us up with DRS not enabled?


Any input is appreciated. 

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So the cluster that you’d like to convert does not have any workloads? Why don’t you re-image it instead? DRS is required for in-place conversions to allow for seamless migration of VMs off the node that is about to be re-imaged. When there are no VMs you can re-image the nodes using Foundation and instead of choosing ESXi as your hypervisor choose AHV. Make sure the version matches the rest of the nodes if you plan on joining the converted nodes to an existing cluster.