Connectivity Problem to CVM

  • 11 February 2019
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I have problem with the host reachability it goes out of cluster... When access it through the console I see the nics are up and enabled, however I can't ssh into CVM it's say not route to host eventhough it's running

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6 replies

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Is this a CE or production cluster?
Are you able to reach hypervisor?
Are you able to login to CVM via console?
Are you able to ping CVM?
Production cluster... I reach the hypervisor via console... I can't ping CVM
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I would recommend to create a support case for this so that we can assist you remotely.
Since dc is not yet in production and we don't have internet access.. could you give any insights? I may reinstall the image cus the node is brand new and hold nothing
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As SanDeepPM indicated, are you able to ping the CVM? ARP might be an issue, IPTables could be blocking, dns, etc...

As indicated start with the ping (to the IP) and work up thru the services. Let us know how you make out.
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please your resolved this problem? if yes, tell us the solution and thank you