Configuring AIDE on AHV and CVM

  • 16 January 2021
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I would need some guidance on enabling Aide on AHV and CVM and strong password policy for the hardening.

I found the guide on this link: Hardening Controller VM

If I enable the AIDE on AHV and CVM. Is there anything need to be done? Additional appliance to deploy?


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2 replies

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Does enable AIDE means it will install the AIDE package on the AHV and CVM if I enable on AIDE on both of them?

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Hi swee han,

Thank you for raising the question. The paragraph could be worded better, especially this part “The following options are configured or customized to harden the AHV:”

Essentially, what happens is running those ncli commands will put aide script into cron tab to be run weekly. It already is running the --init command to initialize the DB if non-existing, and then running --check to validate the files and output to a log file.

There is no additional appliance needed to enable AIDE on AHV or CVM.