Cluster Expansion | AHV, ESXi, Hyper-V

  • 8 December 2019
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Let's say you have bought a new node(Yayy) and want to expand your cluster. Nutanix provides you with a GUI method to expand your cluster with ease and simplicity.

Confused regarding the steps and the requirements before adding it to your cluster? 


Let's break down the queries to help you understand cluster expansion and the requirements in detail.

When can you add the node in your cluster?

If the node is physically present in the cluster network subnet, you can go ahead with cluster expansion.


What should I check before cluster expansion?

The cluster expansion process compares the AOS version on the existing and new nodes and performs any upgrades necessary for all nodes to have the same AOS version.


What are the guidelines before proceeding with cluster expansion?
What are the specific considerations I should keep in mind in case the hypervisor being AHV, Hyper-V or Esxi?

Please go through the documentation to understand the guidelines in-depth.

Cluster Expansion Guide 



What is the process of adding a new node/nodes(yes you can add multiple nodes at the same time)

Go through the cluster expansion guide to understand the procedure with detailed steps and guideline. 

Cluster Expansion Guide 

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