Cluster doesn't start unable to reach node where genesisi is starting

  • 17 November 2015
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i have below situation happened to my nutanix block
my college changged hostname of all ESXi servers and then try to change CVM IPs without stopping cluster after that he rebooted CVM but cluster is not started with error message unable to reach node where genesis is started i have check genesis service in all node and it's running correclty and all nodes are reachable suing hosts in /etc/hosts file and all of them in same lan how can i get original hostname of esxi and does change of it's hostname cause this issue and also hos i resolve this issue

thanks in advance

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11 replies

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Hello ,

Based on the description you've provided, it does sound like there may have been a removal or conversion of the Nutanix internal vSwitch on the ESXi hosts.

Please review the following KB on the Nutanix Support Portal.

Cheers, Art
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Is this for a production Nutanix install?

If so, I'd recommend that you open a ticket on, so we can help you power through your issues and get you stable again.
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Thanks Alot for your update , but i am sure that we didn't delete internal switch
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If I had to bet, it would be that you tried changing the IP Addresses against the documented IP Change process, and the cluster didn't like that.

Please open a support ticket and we'll help you fix it.
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How about:
1. SSH to new CVM IP and then change it back to orginial IP? You can do this by just "sudo ifconfig eth0 IP/netmask" command

2. Then restart the cluster again?

If not succeeded, I am afraid of having to recreate cluster again.
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i already done this steps and not suceed to start cluster again after that i re-imaged cluster
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Did you find a solution to your issue?
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no i didn't find solution to the issue So i have re-image all nodes and re-create cluster using foundation VM thanks you all for your Help
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You should not have had to re-foundation the cluster.

Did you open a support case?

If so, can you please send me your ticket number to Happy to look into it.

If not, please consider doing so in the future, we're here to help !
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it's demo unit and license expired from 2 weeks So i am not able to open support case
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What's the block serial number?