Cloning of Satadom timed out AHV

  • 27 January 2023
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My hardware - NX-6035-G4 running LTS and is no longer under support. It is one of 8 in the cluster. We use this as a backup target for our two other production clusters using protection domains

I was attempting to replace a satadom because I got this error satadom has worn out - PE cycles above 4500 or PE cycles above 3000 and daily PE cycles above 15.

I followed the instructions on this page to get things started, but after 8 hours of trying to clone the satadom disk the process timed out - put the node in maintenance mode and detached it from the Metadata Store. I took the node out of maintenance mode to add it back to the Metadata Store, but the option has not popped up in PE. Here is the output from an NCLI host list.

 Id                        : 
    Uuid                      : 
    Name                      : 
    IPMI Address              : 
    Controller VM Address     : 
    Controller VM NAT Address :
    Controller VM NAT PORT    :
    Hypervisor Address        : 
    Host Status               : NORMAL
    Oplog Disk Size           : 141.37 GiB (151,795,339,264 bytes) (0.7%)
    Under Maintenance Mode    : false (Host bootdisk replacement)
    Metadata store status     : Node is removed from metadata store
    Node Position             : Node physical position can't be displayed for this model. Please refer to Prism UI for this information.
    Node Serial (UUID)        : 
    Block Serial (Model)      :  (NX-6035-G4)

Basically, I am not sure how to proceed with this one. Do  I need to reimage with a phoenix iso? What needs to be included on the image AOS, just AHV or both? Does it look like this is the correct document to follow?





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