CE 2.0 License expired !

  • 27 October 2023
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I have several instances of CE 2.0 for test running virtual under Proxmox. Today I got a message saying my license is expired and prompt a form that I filled out but my access was blocked. I didn’t know CE 2.0 has limited use of license. In reality I never read the license.

Is this license renewable for free ? 



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2 replies

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Did you enable pulse and have the clusters internet access? That is one of the requirements of the CE edition. 

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Yes. Internet and Pulse. Because all of this is pure test, a just re-install and the message disappear. 

Pulse is enabled but if I try to configure an email to receive messages, the system says that this is not available for CE. It’s strange that is required to work but it doesn’t work for me.