cannot find a bond and interfaces in host

  • 7 January 2019
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as picture below

when i configure the command "nutanix@cvm$ allssh 'manage_ovs --bridge_name br1 --interfaces eth0,eth1 --bond_name bond1 update_uplinks'"in cli but cannot work. plz anybody help

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3 replies

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Are you running AOS 5.5 or higher ?

From a different question but relating to the same/similar error:

"Best answer by Bensation
Can you review KB 4611:

In previous cases I've seen following scenario 2 will resolve the issue. Also if it is AOS 5.5 or higher use the command `manage_ovs --bridge_name br1 create_single_bridge` from the local CVM to create br1."

Taken from:
I can find a bond in uplinks ports after scenario 2,as below

but i still cannot find bond and interfaces in the ahv

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From your attachments it seems to show that you have two bridges (br0 and br1).

br1 does not seem to have any configuration (no ports or interfaces) and br0 seems to be pointing to bond1? I would expect to see br0 bonded with bond0 (or br0_up as they prefer to call it now).

Is it possible you have a mis-pointer to the bond from the bridge(s)?