Can Nutanix configure IPv6 addresses?

  • 3 December 2020
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Hi, I have questions.

We are considering whether it can be operated with IPv6 in our IT infrastructure.

So,I found that the prism element can be configured with an IPv6 address. 

However, I didn't know if components such as Prism central support it.

 Can Nutanix configure IPv6 addresses? 

Does Nutanix support IPv6?

3 replies

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Hi ,


Yes Nutanix support IPV6 but there is no official documentation on it , i saw some internal documents when i was working on Nutanix account ,  

I recommend you to reachout to Nutanix SE /Support for any official information or support

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Configuring IPv6 is possible for Prism Element but is done with the help of the gflags that is why you would have to raise this with Nutanix Support. KB-8851 User Guide to setup and use IPV6 Virtual IP


@Paul Ilavarasu @Alona 

Thank you for your reply.

Can Prism Central configure IPv6 addresses?