Can configure the SSD capacity as an extended memory area in case physical memory is constraint?

  • 29 January 2016
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Hi All

We have a customer whose workload is currently fully virtualized on VMware integrated over a Legacy Three Tier Architecture.

Most of their hardware devices is EoL, and after an audit of the infrastructure, we have recommended them to go in the direction of Hyper Converged Infrastructure, focussing on Nutanix

They are potentially looking at a configuration of 1TB minimum per node of memory. Is there a work around to configure my SSD as an extended memory area to able to match their requirement?

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2 replies

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Would this be better for the commercial forums as I assume you are recommending support etc? And I believe generally 10% ssd from hdd raw is the rule of thumb, but since that will be your hot extent pool more is always better.
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I moved this thread from CE to the Commercial forums.

The short answer is no, from an intel architecture perspective (nothing to do with Nutanix), you can not use SSD as an extention for DRAM.

Can you tell us a little more on why the customer requires 1TB per server?

Is there a single VM that needs that much memory?