BMC Firmware Version Appreance error on PRISM after Upgrading

  • 23 December 2016
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Hi, I upgraded BMC Firmware from 03.24 to -> 03.40 via IPMI UI today

since that i can check the version of BMC on IPMI UI page that its 03.40 upgraded among 3nodes

which i upgraded

but its not the same on PRISM even its accomplished.

i can only see that BMC Firmware 03.40 isnt upgraded on PRISM among 3nodes

i use AOS with AHV Nutanix 20160601.44

additionally, i have this fail message via conducting ncc health check funtion

All 4nodes have intel CPU in them. The messages showing like this

Detailed information for bmc_bios_version_check:Node 192.168.x.204FAIL: No Intel CPU is found on the node.Node 192.168.x.205FAIL: No Intel CPU is found on the node.Node 192.168.x.206FAIL: No Intel CPU is found on the node.Node 192.168.x.207FAIL: No Intel CPU is found on the node.Refer to KB 3565 ( for details on bmc_bios_version_check or Recheck with: ncc health_checks system_checks bmc_bios_version_check --cvm_list=cluster

i think these two matter is related the reason why PRISM cant be synced with the information from

excuse for bad english skill

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4 replies

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Can you please file a support ticket with Nutanix Support, and we can work with you on all of these issues?
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InoCho Have you tried upgrading manually
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bezeddinYes, I did

i have that situation after upgrading it manually via IPMI UI like the video which you linked
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Jon Thank you I will see what i can do 🙂 actually, i need permission for it 🙂