Automatically power on VMs at cluster startup

  • 10 December 2020
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In VMware, there’s the option to automatically power on VMs as the cluster is started. Is there such an option in Prism or do you have to rely on a script?

3 replies

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When my cluster restarts, HA kicks in and automatically starts the vm’s back. 

There is an option in playbooks for starting / Powering on VM’s. 

It can be found prism central. 

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Hello, W.vdMheen


Controller VM gets automatically powered on along with the node.

When powering off the node, we need to either migrate the user VMs off to another host or power them off 


In a Nutanix cluster, when you reboot one ESXi host, the datastore is made available to this ESXi host on bootup, this is achieved by putting in an route script on the ESXi (called autopath). The datastore is served through other CVMs running on other nodes in the cluster.So, you may configure autostart for the VMs to be booted up by default at a delay of 120s since they will be served through the network.

Please be informed that if all the VMs boot up at the same time, the network bandwidth usage on the Nutanix cluster will be higher.


Please try the link below


Hope this helps





Can we get general instructions for this put in the Nutanix Community Forum? All roads just lead to the general guide or loops back to that general guide (Microsoft’s method for linking articles, which is the worst) when you feel you’re getting close. I believe I was told this is absolutely possible. How is it done!!!!!!!!?


Furthermore, most people are looking to power specific VMs back on first. That’s what folks are looking for. VMs are automatically powered back on by the cluster already. Order of those VMs starting is what we need.