Apache Cloudstack 4.4.0. with Nutanix.

  • 18 April 2016
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We are using Apache Cloudstack 4.4.0 with Xenserver to control client VPC VM's for DRAAS and IAAS solutions. Is it possible we can implement Nutanix to work with this infrastructure?

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3 replies

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Don't take my previous comment as alluding to any sort of current or future support for XenServer, it is not intended to be a forward looking statement.

Feel free to touch base with your Nutanix account team, who can get you looped in with our product management team, and they can give you forward looking roadmaps.

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Many thanks for the reply,

Are there timescales on any proposed Xenserver support? If this cannot be supported in the long term we will need to look at other Hypervisors as you say.
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Nutanix does not yet support XenServer as a hypervisor, so you'd have to switch that underlying platfrom at minimum. CloudStack supports VMW and MS Hyper-V, but does not support AHV, so you could use one of those two hypervisors to make this all work.