AOS 5.16 can not update as release same day

  • 17 January 2020
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Hi everyone,


I m new to Nutanix and have just deployed my first cluster. I did all the updates I could find in Upgrade Software Settings. It brought the nodes up to . I tried to run the checks again and it shows no available versions.

I saw the notice for the release of 5.16 so I downloaded the manual update binary file and meta file.


When I try to update it says unsupported. 




Current version was released after the Target version was released. Upgrading to Target Release version is not supported in this case.



I check the support upgrade path wizard in My Nutanix and it says the is newer then the 5.16 yet they were released the same day!?

The Upgrade path shows that if I had the 5.11.2 I could update to 5.16 but not ??

Will Nutanix have an update path for this? or am I stuck for a while?


thanks everyone.




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Check the Knowledge Base article "KB 5505", Long Term Support (LTS) and                        Short Term Support (STS) Releases describes the Nutanix release and EOL support policies.


Get More Information:-



Thanks I ‘ve read those guides. 

The release that I have now was auto installed and I don’t want the LTS. The current versions of 5,11,2,1 and 5,16 are both listed as STS.


The site also has a legend for an icon for AutoDownload for so anyone using the Auto update is going to get it. 


Just seems strange that  Nutanix would release two code basis the same day and not give us an option. 


Had I known that I couldn’t update to the latest, I would have downloaded the binaries manually.

I see on the annoucements that 5.11.2 was realeased a month ago so perhaps I wait a month before we can update to 5.16.x?


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AOS version 5.16.1 is now released, you should now be able to upgrade from to 5.16.1.