Antivirus on Nutanix AHV hosts and on CVMs

  • 12 February 2020
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If you are trying to install any third party software, specially Antivirus packages on Nutanix AHV hosts or Nutanix CVMs please consider the following:

  • As for running antivirus (or any third-party software) on the CVMs and AHV hosts, this is not something that we support or can allow.
  • The CVM should be treated as a network appliance, with access controls put in place to ensure that only authorized access is allowed, and kept up-to-date with the latest CVE patches.
  • Installing any packages on the Nutanix CVMs is unsupported. Moreover, installing packages on the CVMs will void the support.
  • In general, an antivirus being installed on the Nutanix CVM is not recommended as it can have ill effects on performance and cause negative impact on the stability of the system.

However you can install antivirus on HYPER-V and VMware hosts, just follow these articles:

KB 2360 Antivirus on Nutanix on vmware.

KB 5153  Antivirus on Nutanix Hyper-V Nodes.

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